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To webmaster: The "High End Series" (subsequently known as Michi by everyone) title of pdf I uploaded is a bit misleading, I suggest you amend title to "High End (Michi) Series" so ppl know what we're talking about

Michi / High End Series

Sorry but I don't agree that the page title is misleading - 'High End Series' is the title of the catalogue and the naming convention in the library is to use the catalogue title. Indeed, even in the catalogue Rotel describe it as the RH series not the Michi series.

The Michi name is already included in the page description as I was aware that the RH series was referred to as the Michi series in some markets. However, I'm happy to add a reference to the Michi name in the news page link as well.



My intention was not to argue or bypass hfe's naming conventions, the remark was made taking into account visitors who know this series only by the Michi name which indeed stuck in some markets. I'm sure your reference in the news page will make things abundantly clear :)



No problem, I'm sure it will be found. Excellent catalogue by the way and it will be used to update the Rotel pages when I get the time :)


Oh, you should see those

Oh, you should see those babies live, they sure are things of beauty. I am the proud owner of the whole series, having painstakingly collected it over the years (minus the active pre :)