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Rotel RHB10

I have downloaded the service manual but this is really the tech manual with cct layout only. Is the a full service manual that also explains cct?

I have an RHB10 that does not provide output. I have completed following tests .
Check fuses and power supplies - OK
Checked for DC on output - ok
Checked biase volts - ok at 10 mV both channels
Checked for cap damage - ok
Checked for excessive heat - ok

But still no sound..I have no history on the Amp

Only major thing missing is a relay click when switched on .. so I am thinking fault to the amp potection cct that is not triggering relay on left/right channels. Anyone know more about this or have full service manual on how to disassembel etc

Thanks Gareth

Re: Rotel RHB10

Do you have pre-amp out/ amplifier in jacks on the back? If so, you need to have jumpers in them.

Re: Rotel RHB10

Thank you for taking time to reply.

I have a pre amp connected via phono leads to the amp which I use with my other power amps. The pre amp is not a rotal unit.

Are you talking about ensuring the pre and power are connected or is there another jumper Im missing?

What I have seen as a result on this is that the the protection can be bypassed by connecting to TP0 on each board... there are risks to the speaker... I will try this at weekend...