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Sanaui G-5700 receiver

I could sure use some assistance and advice. My sweet Sansui G-5700 amp/receiver appears to have taken its last gasp. The unit powers up, but the protection circuit does not complete, and the unit won't operate. I've been limping it along like this for a year...just leaving the unit on when the protection circuit finally worked. This last power outage we had though may have kicked the unit in the butt.

I just read with interest a year-old thread on Antique Radio Forum about the reliability of this unit (I can vouch for that) and it's got me thinking about looking into a repair before I plunk out a lot of $ for a newer (more cheaply made) receiver/amp.

Can anyone provide a bit of advice for my dilemma. I'd like to keep the unit as it has been a punchy unit for years. Joel