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Sansui 1000x Receiver

Any information I can get on the lamps for phono, auxiliary, and FM stereo. I need to replace them as well as the fuse type lamps.

Sansui 1000x Receiver

looking at a rough copy of the service manual it says:

pl001 7v 200mA phono indicator lamp
pl002-007 6.3v 250mA pilot lamp F type
pl008 7v 200mA AUX indicator lamp
pl009 5v 60mA needle indicator
pl010 6v 100mA stereo indicator lamp

Sansui 1000x Receiver

most of the older sansui's use 8v bulbs, both twin wire miniature pigtail bulbs, and 8v fuse type bulbs for the front panel display. Unfortunately they at times use 8v small screw in pilot lamps for behind the signal meter display, which are very hard to find, and the sockets break apart when you try and unscrew them.

Re: Sansui 1000x Receiver

White LEDs from LinRose Super Brite* are small enough to fit where the original lamps are located. I used one to replace the dial pointer lamp which had failed due to flexing of the two leads on the base of the lamp. The slider can be extricated from the dial mechanism by carefully bending the three tangs which capture the dial cord to a vertical position and lifting the dial cord out of the slider. The pointer can be pressed upward out of the metal slider after breaking the old lamp and clearing out the remnants of the wax or glue which held the lamp. One of these LEDs can be fit into the place where the bulb once occupied by use of small files and an Exacto knife to clean and shape the pocket in the pointer where the LED is to fit. The LED has two long leads which can be cut short leaving two pins to solder the flexible leads for power to the LED. A drop of Gorilla glue is useful to hold the pointer assembly together and to provide electrical insulation of the two pins and their new leads. A resistor can be connected in series with one of the flex leads near where the lead was originally connected down behind the panel. I used a 470 ohm 1/2 Watt resistor which gives lower current than maximum but allows sufficient brightness of the LED to illuminate the pointer. A lower resistance value can be used but do exceed 20 mA. Heat in the pointer pocket from higher currents should be limited to avoid damage to the plastic pointer. Clearance between the top of the slider and the underside of the front panel trim piece is tight. The leads to the LED need to be dressed down near the butt end of the LED and the pins with the power leads must be kept as low as possible to avoid rubbing of the slider on the underside of front panel trim piece.
God luck with your project Charles seniordem1

*Linrose Super Brite LED BCMD204UMC 3200mcd 3mm WHITE LED