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Sansui 1000x speaker cutting out

I need some help figuring out what's wrong with the stereo. When I have the volume low sometimes one speaker does not work, but when I turn up the volume the speaker begins to work again. Also sometimes randomly no matter what the volume level is, one speaker cuts out and when you turn it up or lower the volume it begins to work again.

Any suggest would be helpful,


Sansui 1000x speaker cutting out

this model I have become familiar with.
I know for a fact that the front switches (tape monitor etc) can and do do this on this model as Johnnysan pointed out. Others have commented on these switches and low and behold, yes, dirty switches. It is as random as you have noticed.

I completely stripped the switches down and cleaned and regreased, they can be a little tricky to get out far enough to allow this. If you don't feel you can do, then try a little servisol switch cleaner, try to get it inside the switches! I cleaned the pots (vol, treble, balance etc) with v.expensive deoxit d100.
you could also look and the fuse holders on the back, take fuses out and spray a bit of switch cleaner.

i think Johnnysan has done a good job and pointed all the things that it is most likely to be, the wires on those front switches can break off and may be the cause or whilst treating the switches they can snap off and may need resoldering. If going inside and doing work, take loads of pictures incase a wire does detatch.

Sansui 1000x speaker cutting out

Could be dirty switches, like tape monitor or speaker select. Your receiver doesn't have protection relays, so that wouldn't be the problem.
Actuating the switches several times may eliminate the problem for a while, but it will happen again. Could also be poor solder connections. The volume control may be intermittent at the low end and need cleaning. I use Deoxit spray.