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Sansui 5050 Restore

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So I was going to get all my capacitors and some issues i've ran into is some of the uf of the caps I can't find and so I thought maybe I could use a little bit of a upgrade so here are some of the original uf and volts of them, 50v 3.3uf and I found 4.7uf and it's a 50v, here's another original 50v 0.22uf and I found a 50v 0.47uf and there's 3 more of the others with a small upgrade are those ok those was the ones I was unable to find new I only do new parts of this. And then the biggest issue is I can't find any filter capacitors that are 50v 4700uf that would work and I don't want to stress anything out very much in the receiver?

Re: Sansui 5050 Restore

Do not change the values of the 3.3, 4.7 and .22uf caps; they chose those values for a reason. You can go up in voltage rating though.
I assume that you can't find the 4700uf 50v in a can-type capacitor (one that mounts). Some people cut the original can apart and restuff the cans with a new capacitor; I have done this many times. Time consuming, but it works. You can also leave the original can in there, then install terminal strips to mount the new capacitors on, if you have room. IMO, this looks messy.