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Sansui 9090 powers up but no sound

Hello to all,
I want first of all to wish everybody a Happy and Prosperous New Year..

there is a Sansui 9090 for sale in my area and they are asking 150 usd.
they say it powers up but it has no sound.

I would like to know if it is worth it to buy it if i can bring him down to a 100.
Any suggestions, advice?

Thank you

Sansui 9090 powers up but no sound

I agree with johnnysan as well. While the 9090 doesn't command the selling price of the 9090db, it still is worth quite a bit. As long as it looks ok to good cosmetically, and hasn't been butchered by a hacker is is worth a lot more than $150
If its working you can probably ask 400-500 or more on ebay
non working probably 250 or more
Fully restored units go for up to 1000 if not more

Just be careful who you get to work on it if if is not working. You need to find an old style component level technician with experience, and who has access to the right parts. Others will just cause more damage than they repair. Suggest you stay clear of computer techs.

I have restored quite a few 9090db's, 8080db's and a few 9090's. While a lot of the issues with the 9090db's and 8080db's can be simply a result of bad fusible resistors (low cost easy fix), the 9090 can have other problems as well related to the style of driver board they used. It had mods performed on the board that didn't necessarily reflect in the schematic or board view diagrams in the service manual..

By all means try to get him below$150, but you should still grab it for the $150. These units are beautiful with the light green display, and sound great when operational. They were built to last forever.

Sansui 9090 powers up but no sound

Thank you tbrander for your advice, hopefully like you say it has not been butchered.
I will see if the seller is willing to lower the price.

Best regards

Sansui 9090 powers up but no sound

If it is complete and unmolested, buy it, even for $150. Those sell for a lot more on eBay, even with the tremendous shipping costs.
That is a fine receiver (and heavy).
Could be just a few bad capacitors.

Sansui 9090 powers up but no sound

Thank Johnnysan,

I will have to go and check it out visually and decide.
hopefully it wont cost an arm and a leg to fix it.

Best Regards