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Sansui 9090 scratchy controls

I have a Sansui 9090 and the volume and other controls are noisy. I tried spraying contact cleaner in through the shafts because the switches are enclosed and that makes it impossible to get the cleaner where it's needed but that didn't work well. Is there a better way to clean these switches?

Re: Sansui 9090 scratchy controls

I have a Sansui 9090db. No problems on first boot. Again and again we make Open Close (blump pat) sound is coming. What is your opinion?

Re: Sansui 9090 scratchy controls

I use Deoxit D5.

You will need to take the top off and get inside. Some controls have holes in the sides and some have openings where the terminals are. If you slightly bend the nozzle it makes it easier to spray inside the control; don't use a lot--a couple of quick spurts is all you need. Then move the control around several times.

Put a rag under the receiver to catch any spills.

You may need to remove some front-mounted boards by removing control nuts and possibly screws; then you push the board back enough to access lower boards. This isn't easy; take your time and be careful with wiring.

At the same time you should clean the pushbutton switches; some have little holes in the brown wafer on top--you can spray cleaner through these holes, then actuate the switches. A 9090 would take me more than 1/2 an hour to clean properly, maybe an hour, and I'm a tech. Don't hurry. Spray cleaner in the headphone jacks also; use a 1/4 inch plug to actuate them.

If done correctly you won't have to do this again for years.