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Sansui A-501 Volume Potentiometers


My Sansui A-501 needs its volume potentiometers replacement. The problem is it has got 150k Ohms (B) X 2 V.R Linear with part number 46362900 which is either hard to find or available at outrageously priced.
So, what will happen if I replace it with Alps 150k Ohms stereo? Is that doable? Should i pay attention to the volume potentiometers power handling? FYI, I don't have EE background.


Re: Sansui A-501 Volume Potentiometers

You can substitute a 250K pot, however finding a linear with loudness tap will be next to impossible. It would be feasible to use a dual 250K A (log) taper with loudness tap. If control without the tap is installed, loudness feature will not function.