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Sansui AU-519

Hi I was needing the service and user manual for my Sansui Integrated Amplifier AU-519. Also I am facing a small problem with volume control of this model. When I switch it on it does not play clearly as the volume is just off...in order to get the volume clear I rotate the volume contol knob several times in clockwise and anticlock wise directions and it resumes sound but again after approximately 10 mins. it goes back to the same mode...can anyone help me please with any Do -it- yourself tips on how to solve this problem...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sansui AU-519

Hello sajjuthomas...

if you have need service manual for your SANSUI, you can find it in MANUALS own in this site.
Sincerely i think that if you put a good contact cleaning spray within the volume potentiometer, you resolve your problem. (Or you could put the volume to zero and control if there is presence of d.c. milli voltage between chassis and potentiometer volume's contacts. if your tester will indicate 0,0 it will mean that it will be all ok)

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