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Sansui AU-a907 MOS Limited operating manual

Hi everybody!

Just bought this 31-kg monster here in Moscow, Russia. Sound is fantastic, but there is no operating manual. :-(

Does anybody have the operating manual?

The amplifier's name is Sansui AU-alpha 907 MOS Limited.

My email is veduser (at for @) mail.ru

Thank you in advance!

Sansui AU-a907 MOS Limited operating manual

Is it so rare? :(

Sansui AU-a907 MOS Limited operating manual

Just uploaded the AU alpha 907 MRX manual. You will have to wait I suppose for it to come on line.

(the part I uploaded was just the english part and not the Japanese part)

just looked up the history of this model (for myself). I wonder what the NRA sounds like??

Year Model generation comment
1981 au-d907f extra 4th gen
>>> au-d907g extra 5th gen
1984 au-d907X 6th gen
1986 au-alpha907 7th gen (new x ballance circuit)
1987 au-alpha907i 8th gen
1989 au-alpha907 extra 9th ??
>>> au-alpha907L extra 10th ??
1990 au-alpha907DR 11th ?? au-701DR international model
1992 au-alpha907KX 12th gen au-X701DR international model
1994 au-alpha907 Limited 13th Gen
1995 au-alpha907MR 14th gen
1996 au-07 Anniversary
1997 au-alpha907NRA
1999 au-alpha607MOS limited (last MOS-FET chips used up)