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Sansui AU-D7 scratchy/crackly right channel

I just got a Sansui AU-D7 last weekend for $50 I got it home and discovered the right channel was a bit scratchy sounding. I swapped connection cables, speaker wires and even A to B speaker settings and connections , all with the same results, Left channel sounds great, Right side is scratchy/crackly on both A and B speaker settings and I think I notice a minute amount of bleed over to the left side. Had the cover off and all looks good, the left side of the power output meter light was out but it was only a loose wire, all the boards and components look great. Any guesses ??

Hello, First thing to do is


First thing to do is to clean ALL the switches, selectors and potentiometers. Use deoxit DN5.
After that, if problems remain, they can be investigated.



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Probable problem is not from semiconductors IC's transistors ,check volume and all potantiometers and power condanstor and siwitching sytems check bellow link
if you need any parts for Sansui device you can find out there