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Sansui B-1 Service Manual needed

Greetings Hifi folks,

This is a request for documentation in any usable format, either digital or hardcopy. I am on the hunt for a Service Manual and Schematic for a Sansui B-1 Power Amplifier, circa 1979, not to be confused with Sansui BA-F1 of the same era with a similar Diamond Differential front end. I am hoping that there is another Sansui collector out there that has a copy of this manual/schematic that they are willing to share, sell, donate, liberate from a senile audiophile...etc.

It is a rare item and I currently have my B-1 Amp being reverse engineered (using a BA-F1 schematic as a starting point) by my service technician. The work is in progress, but my usual sources for documentation are pretty much dry.

The amp was not sold through the standard dealer network from what I can tell, but was sold through a professional products channel targeting studios, broadcasters and rental houses. I have even contacted the studio in LA where the products were first installed/demo'd in 1979....and...no dice. Also tried HiFiDo in Japan (who recently sold one of these amps) and their policies, sadly, do not permit overseas technical services/support. Suffice as to say that this somewhat of a rackmountable unicorn, but I am hopeful that someone, somewhere, might chance across this rare beast's paper trail.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Mitch M.

(p.s. This is my first post here...so hopefully I did this within the forum guidelines :) )