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Sansui BA-F1

I've got a vintage Sansui BA-F1 amp that needs repair. I am in need of a service manual please.

Thank You

Schematic BA-F1

Hello ceedubbya...

i'm TURBOSTEREO (MARCO from ITALY)... i have seen between my handbook and i have found the SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM of SANSUI BA-F1 in original document. Sorry but i don't have the complete service manual! I think it's the same because in this schematic diagram there are many voltage references between transitors, resistences...etc..etc...
If you believe that it can help you, i can send you by mail.


Best regards..

Marco (sorry for my english. i know, it's terrible!!!)

When you say mail do you mean

When you say mail do you mean email or real mail? If you mean email my email address is cbarth333@gmail.com. If you mean real mail we can discuss shipping through email!


Ps your English is just fine. I know some people born in America who cannot speak as well as you.

For ceedubbya

Hello ceedubbya...

schematic diagram SANSUI sent to your cbarth333@gmail.com.

See you


Schematic diagrams BA-F1 and CA-F1

For me no problems Ceedubbya... because i have both schematic diagrams (power BA-F1 and pre CA-F1 in original SANSUI documents).
I think i can send you to your personal email addres (cbarth333@gmail.com) in next week. In this moment i don't know the precise day, but sure in next week.
When i'm at work i must to find about 10 minutes to put in the scanner these SANSUI sheets and send you by email (attached). You will receive an email from my addres: mkart@inwind.it.

OK Ceedubbya?


Schematic BA-F1

Hello Marco

Do you hapen to have the Sansui CA-F1 schematic too? It's the preamplifier for the BA-F1.
I need the BA-F1 schematic and the CA-F1 schematic, can you send it to me?
email: jmmartins23(at)clix.pt

Thank you

For jmmartins

Hello jmmartins...

for me no problem to send you via email two SANSUI schematic diagrams (for BA-F1 and CA-F1). in the next week, when i'm at work, i must to find about 10 minutes to put in the scanner these SANSUI's sheets and send you via email as attached.
i send it to jmmartins23@clix.pt

OK jmmartins?


BA-F1 schematic

Dear Sir.
Could you please sent me for those BA-F1 schematic to me also .I've one our of order power amplifier Sansui BA-F1 waiting for fix ,My mail is suwatjs@gmail.com

For Justmin

Hello Justmin ...

schematic diagram SANSUI sent to your suwatjs@gmail.com

See you


For justmin

Dear Justmin

ok... absolutely no problem! In the next week i will send also to you via email the schematic diagram of SANSUI BA-F1 (and also preamplifier CA-F1).
i'll send it to suwatjs@gmail.com

OK Justmin?