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Sansui BJ-200 Switchbox User Manual Needed or Infomation on How 2 install properly

Hi, I'm New to this site in terms of posting enjoyed the posts and manuals, I've got a problem I'm hoping someone knows about. I've aquired a sansui BJ-200 switchbox and am a bit confused with the installation of it. If anyone has a usermanual for this or something close to it, I'd be grateful for you to share it with me. Ive learnt that this model was rebadged, not sure what to though. My delemma is what to hook up amps to, it has Aux in 1 to 6 av in's and amplifer aux in (1 to 10) what one do you hook up to? do you need to hook this up to the amp with a return like an equalizer like tape 1 rec & play? or do you go from switchbox straight into amp input. thats how Ive hooked it up. but no sound as yet. then on switchbox it has aux phono in (1-5) then auxilary amplifier phono in (1-10) what is the difference? Ive spent hours hooking everything up wiring many sets of speakers to this bloody thing, either I have hooked the amplifiers up wrong or its rooted (had the sword). Any help would be very much apreciated and a user manual would make my Australia Day.
many thanks Mr Wilson