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Sansui D90 Cassette Deck - Right Channel Dead on Playback and Record


Can anyone provide some guidance on my Sansui D90 Cassette Deck (1980).

The right channel is completely dead, no right channel playback on the line out or headphone, or record from the right line-in or mic socket and of course no sign of any signal on the VU meter.

I have checked all connections and switches including disassembly of the large play / record switch which I carefully cleaned with contact spray and refitted, I have also checked the tape heads which measure ok... the fault remains.

I have not been able to track down a service manual for the D90 on the web, the circuit board is a Sansui G 1266. I've checked voltages at a number of points on the board swapping between similar areas of the on-board stereo amp and didn't find any noticeable discrepancies, although without further info or a manual I have probably gone as far as I can go in restoring this piece of kit which is a shame as I have had it since new and its condition (other than the fault) is immaculate.

Grateful for any constructive advice.

Re: Sansui D90 Cassette Deck - Right Channel Dead on ...

I think your deck may use relays (or just one). Look for a small (less than 1 inch) plastic rectangular shaped item on the circuit board. This will control how the audio goes to and comes from the heads. It should have a number on it (like G2-V24-m); you may be able to find one on eBay. It should have 8 leads soldered to the board.