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Sansui G5000 Receiver restoration

Hi all, I am new to this site and excited about finding a place with people of similar interests.

I am about to attempt restoration of a Sansui G5000 receiver so any advice you guys can offer will be most welcomed.

At the moment the unit powers on with all front panel lights lit, but there is no output from the speaker terminals or headphone jack, just dead silence, no hum, no static, no hiss.

Seems like the protection circuit has disabled the output, so should I look at the relay and associated components first in an attempt to regain output or just start the long tedious process of replacing capacitors, transistors, diodes and resistors on at least the power supply and driver amp boards?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Re: Sansui G5000 Receiver restoration

You need to first check the audio output stages, then power supply voltages.

Protection circuits rarely fail. When they will not actuate the relay there is usually DC on one or both channels; this indicates a problem in the power amplifier circuit. You probably have shorted or open transistors, which usually cause damage to resistors.

Re: Sansui G5000 Receiver restoration

Thank you Johnnysan

I will start with the amp board and power supply as recommended.