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Sansui? Pioneer? Marantz? Advice

I'm looking to put together a new vintage (late 60s-late 70s) system. I have very limited knowledge of vintage equipment but have been using a Sansui 661 through a pair of Sonab unit 1 ?(the little square ones) speakers for quite some time and I have loved the sound it creates. I recently lost one channel in the 661 and I'm getting it restored so I'm keeping it regardless.

I am thinking about using this as an opportunity to upgrade and was curious what folks thought would be the best combo for me. I have the opportunity to pick up a Pioneer SX 727 and my pops gave me a set of Marantz Imperial 5s.

I'm most interested in the best sound at low volume. My Sansui has probably never been above 4 on the volume dial which more than fills the room. Which reciever? Through which speakers? Is there a similar reciever from Marantz or another manufacture/model I might look for?

Any input would be appreciated.

Re: Sansui? Pioneer? Marantz? Advice

Personally, I prefer the Pioneer line, specifically the SX 650, 750, 850, or 950. I had a SX 850, which I bought new over in Germany in 1977. I absolutely loved the sound from that receiver. The biggest mistake I made was selling it in 1989 when I worked at a stereo retailer and got a very good buy on a more modern receiver from Onkyo. In way less than 6 months, I missed the rich, warm sound of my Pioneer. At the time, I had it paired with a set of Bose 601 speakers.

I am now awaiting another Pioneer SX 850 and should have it by Friday. I'll update this post then.

By the way, I bought two Sansui's prior to the Pioneer and ended up returning both because whenever they were powered up, there was a very disturbing power supply hum which was audible over the sound of the music. I can't remember which model it was, and for sure can't predict whether that problem occurred through all models.