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Sansui power and preamp question

I need some advice please. I have two Sansui BA3000 power amps and a matching CA3000 preamp. I was running them mono each into Cerwin Vega D9 4 ohm speakers for several years. Phenomenal sound for most of my music! Several years ago, one amp died, and then a couple of years ago the other quit on one channel ( I was using it in stereo mode with the preamp.) Had to go to an integrated Onkyo stereo receiver ( the only thing decent offered in Mexico where I now live) and it is not the same, obviously. I pulled out the old Sansui stuff, and am about to take it up to a reputable guy in Tucson to have the units reconditioned- don't know the cost yet. I noticed on the back of the amps it has a warning not to go into less than 8 ohms mono ( 340 watts per channel) My speakers are 4 ohms. May this have caused my amps to fail ( rather than just the age of the units?), or are the BA3000 amps stout enough to handle the 4 ohm loads in mono? Am I better to buy a newer power amp (Adcom or the like, to serve my purpose, or recondition the old Sansuis? I did love the sound they produced! THanks in advance! Steve

Re: Sansui power and preamp question


Google "Speaker Impedance, Your Amplifier And You" and you will find a ton of articles explaining the effects of running with a lower than recommended impedance load. Basically, the lower the load the harder/more work your amp is driven/has to do. This puts more stress on the electronics.
While I cannot say for sure that running with 4 ohms rather than the recommended 8 ohms caused the amps to fail it definitely could have contributed over time due to the added stress put on the output drivers.
I prefer the older power amps/receivers and have a bunch of SAE, Marantz and Carver stuff so my preference would be to have the Sansui's repaired. Coincidentally, I also have a pair of Cerwin Vega D9's and love them.

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