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Sansui power problem


I have a Sansui 350A that has audible "popping" when it is turned on. First, it would only happen immediately after it was turned on and now it seems to happen constantly. The popping can be heard through the speakers but it also affects the received signal - I can see the FM stereo indicator moving around significantly. Occasionally these pops will become prolonged periods of silence for a few seconds, and then more popping. During the silence, again the FM stereo indicator is all the way down, and then it moves wildly when the popping begins again.

This seems like either a power problem or I was thinking maybe it's something to do with the tape monitor switch. A power problem being a bad capacitor but I wanted to get some input from the experts. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated!


Re: Sansui power problem

Re-solder the power supply connections- PC or point to point. I've heard popping sounds in numerous radios and a Dynaco PAS-3X many years ago. Start around the power supply and be sure to do the switches. It's real cheap and not risky at all. Good luck. Oh yeah, the res-oldering cleared the popping.

Re: Sansui power problem

clean your switches and control