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Sansui race, trying to step up. advise please! Sansui au-999 or Sansui CA-f1 & BA-f1


I'm new here and like looking to all the nice audio gear.
My main langwitch isn't english so sorry if i'm not clear in my message.

Currently I'm using a Sansui au-101 in combination with a B&W dm6.


I tryed to do my homework and the recommended power handeling for the speaker is 25w-350w and the max output of the sansui au-101 is 15wpc. So its under the recommended power handeling, being my first bought amp it sounds fine. But I want to get more out of the speakers, because I believe they have more potential.

Now I have the change to buy a Sansui au-999 or Sansui CA-F1 & BA-F1.

I know they are both from a different time but does anyone heard these before?

Mainly use it for playing vinyl and from time to time use it to hook my laptop on for shuffle / movies.


Sansui race, trying to step up. advise please! Sansui au-999 ...


I've had both amps in the past, and the CA-F1/BA-F1 preamp/power amp combo should be a decent match for your B&W speakers. This combination has a slightly 'laid-back' sound, and though the B&W's are accurate and smooth, they might need a little high frequency boost from the treble control on the CA-F1. If you are against using the tone controls in the preamp to boost the highs, I'd suggest a pre-amp/power-amp combination by SAE, like the 2400L power amp with matching SAE pre-amp (there were several choices of pre-amps made by SAE that would match the power amp.) Several SAE preamps have built in equalizers, giving you more control over the tone of the system than the bass/treble controls on the CA-F1, and the SAE power amps really have a great kick to their sound; The Sansui is mellow in comparison.
I also found that the Sansui, sounded as if it was running out of power on music peaks at moderate listening levels, even though it was driving efficient speakers (Altec model 19's). The SAE gear NEVER sounded like it was being pushed too hard, even though it was, as I recall, less power than the Sansui (I've had lots of different amp combinations; I swapped amplifiers as often as I could afford back in the day).

Either combination will bring your speakers to life better than a Sansui AU-999, in my opinion.

Also, don't push the AU-101 too hard when driving the B&W speakers. Those are great speakers that will sound MUCH better with more power, but if you turn it up too loud with too little power, you're likely to blow the speakers! If the amp distorts, you might not realize it until it's too late. Within reasonable limits, its better to have too much CLEAN power from your amp than too little DIRTY power from your amp. Distortion from the amp will blow speakers, and 15 watts per channel isnt enough power to play those speakers loudly without distortion and possible speaker damage!

Hope this helps!