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I need to figure out why my receiver does pick up AM radio very well

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Sansui 8900zdb receiver

I need help ... my receiver does NOT pick up AM radio at all

Sansui 8900dbz

have you tried connecting a external antenna on the rear where it says "AM" not sure if this receiver has a internal AM antenna

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sansui 8900zdb

thanks ... now I just need to find that antenna

Sansui 8900dbz

an antenna can be a commercially built antenna or you can use a piece of wire connected to the am antenna connection, at one time I got great results using a clip lead clipped on to an aluminum window frame, am antennas are usually directional.

Sansui 8900ZDB

FYI, I have two of these beasts. One for parts and the other to use when I need to hear a great Sansui sound. I do not have an extra power transformer as the parts machine came without it. I have all the knobs except for the attenuator knob on the far left.