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Sansui Stereofidelity 400, 1967-1969 Stereo Receiver very rare !!!

Recently i just got a Sansui Stereofidelity 400 Receiver which was built between 1967 and 1969. This unit seems to be so
rare that i hardly get some Information in the NET. It seems to function but is missing two knobbs and one is incomplete.
I was wondering if somebody out there has some Sansui Knobbs, maybe from a Sansui 350 or 800 or some others from
1969. The pytalhost pages are starting with 1969 so there is no Information about the Sansui 400 which was built two
years earlier ! I decided to completely refurbish the old Classic and get it back to shine, and the missing knobbs would
just make it complete !