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Sansui Stero receiver Amplifier 5050

I have acquired a Sansui 5050 and have crackle/noise on both channels on radio. PU and Aux. the noise is intermittent and is present when the volume is turned to. zero. The crackle is of constant level and is independent of all control settings. The sound quality is good on all inputs but the nose is constant. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you


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Re: Sansui Stero receiver Amplifier 5050

You should first cover all of the bases.

1. Make sure that all of the controls are good and clean. Even noise that seems independent of controls could also really be controls so dirty that nothing will affect their poor performance.

2. Check your critical solder joints. These do tend to go cold, and sometimes rupture. I would touch all of the joints on the power board, amp, and controls with some good fresh solder.

3. Use a capacitance checker and check the high power storage capacitors to make sure they are not dead (or about dead). Check around the system to make sure no other capacitors seem like they have been leaking, or are exploded.

4. Verify that the transistors for power and amplification are doing their job. After all, it is a low-power machine. Low power machines can blow out easier simply because of listener overloading. Check voltage and amperage. If you have followed this list to this point without results, I would definitely replace them.

5. Verify voltage and amperage output of the Power Supply.

Hope this helps!

Re: Sansui Stero receiver Amplifier 5050

Thank you,

I think I made the assumption, I and do know you should never do that, because the noise was on both channels and seemingly unaffected by the volume pot, that the power supply was at fault, but with my scope on the dc line it did seem clear of spikes. I will clean all controls and check solder tags as suggested. Will report results. Thank you for your suggestions.