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Need manual for Sansui Tuner Model T-1000

T-1000 Tuner

I've uploaded a scan of the T-1000 service manual to the hifiengine library. Just have to wait for it to be posted up. It is for the newer version with the "new" Sansui logo on it.

Hope this helps!

I also submitted the B-1000 / B-3000 power amp service manual.

Sansui T-1000

Thank you Van_Isle. It doesn't seem to be up there yet, but I'm sure it will be soon.
Would you happen to have a User Manual for this same unit? And if so, could you post it?

Thanks, much appreciated.


Sorry, I don't have anything else on these units. PM me with an email if you want a copy of the SM prior to it getting uploaded.