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Sargent-Rayment Co. model SR 17-17

I am looking for the schematic and/or operators manual for this model integrated amp/preamp. I have searched this site as well as all others I know about, including general internet searches and cannot find anything. I am currently rebuilding this model and it would sure help me.

I have found there are other people struggling to find any literature for other models by the same company. SR was based in Oakland CA in the 50's and 60s and built AM radios, amps and preamps. They were noted for good quality products. One of the principles wound up working for Lansing (JBL) designing speakers. That is about all I know so far.

If you have ANY literature on Sargent-Rayment Co. it would be helpful in my search.

I promise what I find, I will post here for all to use.