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Schematic Yamaha cr-1020

My daughter borrowed and brought back a brick. Right now I'm guessing it's power supply but?
thank you
dave j

Simple Stuff First ; )

Just to eliminate possible easy fixes:

Perhaps neither of these, but just hoping it could be to make it easy.
Does your 1020 power up at all (lights on but no output)? As I recall, the CR-1020 has a preamp coupling switch on the back that might have gotten moved. It takes the power amp out of the circuit.
I had a customer call in once because his CR-2020 had no output. His daughter had pressed the "adaptor" button, which is like switching in a loop with nothing connected (thus no sound).
2RC there were power supply service bulletins for these receivers. Merrylander on the AudioKarma.org website is quite expert in them, and I believe posted a "How To" for at least the CR-2020 (very similar PS, I think).

Great Receiver, Good Luck!

Yamaha CR 1020

I have the service manual for the Yamaha CR 1020 but the site can't take any uploads right now, could email but don't have an address to send to