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Scott R-327 manual.

If anyone has a PDF copy to share I'd be grateful. Or if anyone knows more about it, I'm all ears there too! Thanks.

Re: Scott R-327 manual.

I have an owners manual. Will work on scanning to pdf. Would like a sevice manual but not able to find.

Specs are listed on a german site. Its 25 wpc but i think it has a great warm sound on the phono and have it set up as a pre amp currently going to the line in on a onkyo tx6000. It also powers my computer speakers.

Mine was purchased in '79 but looks like they were out 77-79.

Beutiful silver face and has the looks of the best era of 70s vintage although rated specs of noise and THD are not top of the line. Still very good and sounds amazing in between my turntable and onkyo on some 2-way JBLs.

How do i upload the pdf?