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Scratch sound on TEAC EQ 110-180-220

I have recently bought this graphic equalizer. In some eq band, when I slide the switch, it begins to make scratching sound, so it

Any idea how to fix it? It needs some cleaning or deox something? how would you recommend me to do it?

(I already have the service manual)



Re: Scratch sound on TEAC EQ 110-180-220


I have the cheaper version of this great equalizer (EQA-180). I have issues with the slider on the left channel. On the 250 Hz band, as the control slides, the signal starts to make a very high scratch sound and then, the signal of the left channel may cut totally!.

I tried with a grease Lub for electronics equipment, but the problem persists!

any helpdful advice is welcome...I am starting to dissamble it (8-¡ .

Thanks to Hi Fi engine for uploading the scamatics!


Re: Scratch sound on TEAC EQ 110-180-220


I dissambled it and seem that golden piece stucked into the slider I told...

Here is a photo of it (with the golden piece inside)


Maybe it was the part that make contact into the "rail" and gives the position of the slider, so it cuts/boosts the band signal. I could take it off, and it`s pretty weird...or maybe it just drop inside of it (what are the odds?)...I bought this in "used" condition...I never realized of this problem, I recall having test it...

and here is the golden piece once I take it from the "rail". I put a Knob-Slide just as a size reference.

I suppose that, maybe, the golde piece goes underneath the slide...


I'll try the eq without the golden piece...just as a test... (it will be continued...)

Any suggestion?


Re: Scratch sound on TEAC EQ 110-180-220

On slider controls I use Fader Lube, also made by Caig. Don't be surprised if the controls then feel sticky or bind; I let then sit for a day and dry out, then they work OK.