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sensitive tape ends for continuos playback on a reel-to-reel tape deck

Does anyone know how to procure and attach “ sensitive tape “ at every end of a magnetic tape that is played on a reel-to-reel tape-deck so that when auto-reverse position is selected the tape should then be played continuously by the machine ?!
How does it look such a “ sensitive tape “ , where can I get or made such ?
Tape deck is an Akay 636 but with just normal 10” tapes the sense polls do not activate continuous play/recording by not detecting such piece of " sensitive tape ".
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Sensing foil tape

The "sensitive tape" is a piece of foil tape.
It's needed to short-circuit the conductive parts of sensing pin (tension arm).
The direction will be reversed when a tension arm comes in contact with a sensing tape.
Original sensing foil tape has a self-adhesive side.
Just attach 2,5-4 cm of the foil tape to the leader near the splice with recording tape
(or other point where you want to change the direction).

Recently I've bought it in US,