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Server Issues

As regular visitors will be aware, we have been experiencing a number issues with the server. All the server hardware has now been replaced and the OS reinstalled, but due to corruption of the database we have had to roll the site back a couple of days to an earlier backup.

I am continuing to fault find small issues, but other than the gallery which requires more work, the site should now be fully functional.

If anyone spots any problems please report them here and I will investigate.

Thanks for your patience during a difficult time.

Registration problems


Captcha on registration page fixed

note If you successfully registered an account between the 22nd and 25th July but now receive the message 'unrecognized username or password' when logging in, you will need to register a new account using your original username/email address.

Apologies for this but the server failure resulted in widespread data loss and the site had to be recovered from a backup made on the 22nd.


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