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Service manual for Kenwood DM-1001 and DM-9090 minidisc ???

Hello, I need service manuals for DM-1001 and DM-9090 or DM-9020 Kenwood minidiscs!!!! Can someone help Me?


Have someone a service manual for Kenwood DM-1001 or DM-9090 or 9020 minidisc deck?

About the Kanwood DM-1001 minidisc

It seems that Kenwood DM-1001 is similar with DM-B9 model, so it will be usefull the service manual for Kenwood DM-B9 minidisc too!!!!

Can someone on this forum

Can someone on this forum help Me with service manuals from Kenwood DM-1001 (B9) and DM-9090 (9020). Thank You very much!