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Service Manual For Luxman L-450

I'm in the process of recapping this and I noticed some heat stressed areas on the power board. I think I'll look into replacing the components in those areas and need their part numbers.

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Re: Service Manual For Luxman L-450

Hi Folks!
I have a Luxman L450 whose phono stage doesn't match any schematic fo rany version of Luxman I can find.
It uses the 7-pin 5214 chip (no data anywhere) and one transistor (per channel). The problem is the stock RIAA EQ isn't an RIAA curve at all. "shotgun" replacing all the passive is of no avail. So, I put in a "proper" EQ cap/resistor set and it's now bang-on for MM, but on MC, it reverses the curve instead of just providing a x10 gain like it should!?!?!
Any help greatly appreciated!

Service Manual For Luxman L-450

Are you sure on the type L450 ? Check again please.

Service Manual For Luxman L-450


Yes, very sure!