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Service manual for LUXMAN LV-90

i need the servicemanual for my Luxman LV-90.
I have short pin 1 & 2 of the STK2230 amp.
Problem was in the beginning that the relay did not "click". Now the relay click, so i think the relay had stuck and com on when i accidently shorten pin 1 & 2.
The messure was ment to be between 2 & 15 for right DC voltage. :(
Now only one channel is working, the other has a low scraple audio.

The STK2230 cost about $6 from U.S + Ship $8 to Sweden.


read this....

Hello again,
i saw that the upload function was under construction.

Mail me the service manual if you have any, thanks


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Luxman LV-90

...exact the same problem...
Anyone has the service manual?