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service manual phase linear 5000 tuner

looking for PDF service manual/schematic for a phase llinear tuner Thanks


Anyone have a service manual or any other content/comment on the SAE TWO P-10 AMPLIFIER?

Re: service manual phase linear 5000 tuner

Well, I take it the service manual for a Phase Linear 5000 Tuner is nowhere to be found?

Re: service manual phase linear 5000 tuner

If it's the tuner I'm thinking of, it's the same as the Pioneer TX-D1000. Different FP.
PL and Pioneer have always been very closely associated. Bob Carver marketed some of Pioneer's products under the PL name in the late '70's and early '80's. Most famously the 5000 Turntable. (Pioneer PL-L1000). And the 7000 II Cassette Deck (CT-F1250-or more accurately the CT-A1. As I understand it, the CT-A1 was unobtainium in the U.S. during its run.) But they're all three mostly the same machine with a few design/chassis differences.