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Service manual for roksan caspian poweramplifier. the 1997 version , so no m-power

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since i've been ripped of, buying a roksan caspian poweramplifier, which was a branddealer, i have refurbished the thing, only i don't rember the value of three resistors, well in fact two, since two had the same value, .

Getting a service manual from the unit is impossible, and i know where the picture stands on inet, only the stores name is on it.
. Two are going to the poweroutput , parallel with a two zero value resistors and two couples of tiny film caps.
I thought it was 1ohm. The other one i miss i besides the low power connectors on the left of the board(the othere other ones are on the right---> speaker output). The power amp leads for the endstage are in the middle , with virtal ground, and the decoupling is done by two 8600 65v Bhc aerovox, which deviated too much , so they are replaced for 10mF 63v Bhc for the moment. Two bad it wasn't just a simple 2-layer pcb, then i could follow thetraces. number of resistors r226/r216 and r303

But since here are people which maybe know the unit, it contains just a 350v/a. torr. With a power output and 'groundwire'. in the middle and two ?low power leads on the left on the pcb (r303) where i mis the other resistorvalue.

1 input for the pre-amp , one for the output pre. Front is just silver , blackbode with two knobs on front but more caspian poweramps looks the the same.

Only mine says , when you stand in front of the unit , right below :poweramp and the others have a red m tag.

I thank you all a lot , greets Richard.