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Service Manual for Sony TC-558 reel-to-reel recorder ?????

Hello, have someone the service manual fot the Sony TC-558 reel-to-reel recorder? I bought this tape deck and I need the service manual for repairing. Heeeelllp?!?!?!?!? Thanks!

Sony TC 558


I'm looking for a power cord for my old tape deck. Can anyone help? It would be very much appreciated. I bought it on R&R in Yokosuka Japan I believe around 1970.

Thanks in advance!

Kenwood KR-4600

Hi ! My name is Csaba . I have a Kenwood KR-4600 and it is wrong. I want to repair it , but cant find the service manual ( KR-4600 or KR-5600) anywhere. Please help me ! Thanks a lot ! (nemethcsaba@hotmail.com)

TC 650 sony

Looking for help as well.Service manual.Machine powers on but one motor runs all the time to drive capstan roller?No reels turn, solenoid to let tape access heads also activates.Nothing else works.Imagine this happened when play was pushed .Any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sony TC-558 service manual?

Sony TC-558 service manual? Have someone?

Sony TC-558 service

Sony TC-558 service manual?????


i have uploaded an incomplete srvice manual for this model.

TC 651

Trying to find lube specs for the TC 651, but unable to find a service manual - the manual for the 558 would help a lot if it could be found again?
We're restoring the 651, and the only thing we don't know is what lube and where specifically. This was a great find and we're sooo close to having it back to perfect condition!!
We've got a wick-type substance in a plastic tube that runs up the back of the motor - we suspect that it should have some sort of lube, but have no way of knowing for certain what it should be.

Sony TC-651

I also have a Sony TC-651 that I have not played in years. What is wrong with your machine?

Thank You very much for the

Thank You very much for the service manual. It help Me a lot.