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Service manual for Wadia


I need the service manual for CD player Wadia 16 and 6.

Service manual for Wadia

Would I have the share of your service manual of Wadia 6 &16 please?

Service manual for Wadia


Sorry but i didn't find any service manual for the moment!
Did you find something?


wadia 6

have some circuit diagrams for the 6 if that would be helpful. What is the fault?

Re: wadia 6


I understand this thread is old, but I am looking for some/any circuit diagrams of Wadia 6. Mine doesn't produce analog output although digital out is all good. I'll appreciate greatly if you can point me to some of these circuit diagrams. Many thanks.

Wadia 6


I want to decrease the output voltage on my Wadia 6.
A schematic would be very helpful!

Many thanks!

circuit diagram for wadia 6

I am looking for the circuit diagram for Wadia 6 CD Player for ages to replace the dac.

Thank you very much indeed