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Service Manuals for JVC CA-MXJ300 & CA-MXJ530R

Having recently been asked if I can repair one of each of the above, I've been searching for service info., and cannot find either on this site. Does anyone have either manual or know from where I can get one, please? The CD player in the MXJ300 isn't working at all - the trays open and a disc or discs can be loaded, but the spindle motor doesn't revolve., whilst on the MXJ530R, the problem is that it comes on an stays at High Volume regardless of the setting of the volume control. Someone suggested that the latter might be a firmware problem. If so, how can this be rectified?

Re: Service Manuals for JVC CA-MXJ300 & CA-MXJ530R

Following on from my earlier post, having refitted the volume control in the CA-MXJ530R, the control appears to be working normally, but now the revolving front won't open, and there is no display. These faults only happened after I refitted the complete front panel, and I haven't had time to check for the cause(s). If need be, the FP can be manually rotated to the operating position, but what can have caused the display to fail? It was working when I first powered up the stereo after reassembly.