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Service manuals for Magnavox CDB582 and CDB650

I need service manuals for Magnavox CDB582 and CDB650 for upgrades.


User's Manual for Magnavox CDB650 (or Philips CD650)

Desperately need a manual for this vintage player. I have the Service manual downloaded from here, but it's in German so it's no help either. If there's an English translation to that I'd love to get it as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Service manuals

I have a service manual for the philips CD-650. same as magnavox CDB-650

70MB pdf file

I have upload it to this site.

Re: Service manuals

sorry to bother but seems i can only find the german service manual. if you still have the english version, could you upload it please? pr point me to where it is on the site. Thanks so much

Re: Service manuals

Hi, also looking for an English version of the Philips cd650 service manual. I can find the Dutch and German versions here but if there is an English version can you please point me to it thanks

Phillips CD-650

Thanks for your help and time. I can now begin to upgrade these players. Chuckus