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sharing Onkyo TX-DS939 Service Manual

I have this manual in PDF and would like to upload to this site.
Any clue?

Reply to the message posted by hengsc regarding Onkyo TX-DS939

Dear Sir,

I too, do not know how to upload the pdf service manual that you have for Onkyo TX-DS939. However, if I may advise, you may contact the HiFiEngine team to assist you in this regard. Moreover, I too, am desparately in need of this Service Manual. I suggest that you leave your email address in reply to my comment and those who are interested in this manual can contact you directly. In this way the HiFiEngine will serve the purpose for which it was designed.

My email is fawadsubhani@yahoo.com

you may mail the pdf file to me at the above email address.


Fawad Subhani,

[From PAKISTAN (Asia)]

I also need this manual...

I found this website on Google, pretty neat... it dosn't look like this manual has been uploaded to the site yet? I was hoping I could leave my email address and someone could send it to me.


adaney at cox dot net

Remember to change the "at" and "dot" and remove the spaces.