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sharp Optonica RT-3838

Please, im looking for SHematic diagrammes of SHARP OPTONICA RT-3838, own servise manual. Thanks in advance . Zag


Hello Zag,

I have the complete service manual, but there are many pages to scan. ... and I have much stuff next days. Next week - I think - it´s possible.

Please answer, which part do you need first and send an e-mail adress or otherwise.



Hello arctic , thanks for

Hello arctic , thanks for attention , a need all schematic diagrammes and list of trubleshouting if you have that could you sent me that on my box zag1969@gmail.com Thank you
PS i thnik about assemble part also; it takes maximum 6-7pages

... you have an e-mail. If

... you have an e-mail.

If you have only a problem of auto-shut off, I can give you a hint before.



Hello arctic , my e mail zag1969@gmail.com, its not box , i have using this term box for all e mail like post box , sent me please on this one. thanks i have many probles with this device, i need more information, thank you for

Hello zag69, have you

Hello zag69,

have you received the first 15 pages, as well ?

I have nothing

I have nothing

Hello Zag, I sent an e-mail

Hello Zag,

I sent an e-mail to you with an atachment of 15 pages on Friday. Maybe it´s too large and you can´t open ?

O.k. , I will sent an e-mail without atachment to you in a few minutes.

Please send a re to my e-mail adress.


Hello Zag, I have just

Hello Zag,

I have just gotten a re, that doctordude has gotten my mail with the first 35 pages a few minutes before. I have send it the same way as to you. Do you have a problem with your e-mail account ?


P.S. ... you must have now a message in your box titled `test´. Please reply!

I ll waiting for , thanks

I ll waiting for , thanks

RT 3838

Thank you so much Arctic ! I have got it

To arctic

nice work