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Sherwood AX4050R amplifier

I have Sherwood AX4050R amp, purchased London, England 9 years ago, - it's just died on me and is diagnosed as dead Standby Transformer. I'm told that spares are unobtainable in UK. Does anyone know of any source for this part ?, or substitute transformer ?, or does anyone have service manual ? (I can't do repairs myself but know someone who can).
Thanks in hope !

Sherwood Amp

Might help if i gave you a contact details email as follows minihaha_2000@yahoo.co.uk Will check in a couple of days time to see if you have left any comments If I can help you I will If not Might be able towork around this problem for you provided its only the standby transformer thats gone

Sherwood Amp

Hi I might be able to help you with this Its a 5 volt standby tx and I have a couple of Sherwoods which are beyond service Can you send me the dimensions of the TX It would be easier to post a photograph of the TX on the site with dimesnions pin to pin I Can't make any promises but if you do this I might just have one for you

Service manual are obtainable but they cost some £30.00 and they dont supply parts They will however supply the manual I Agree doesent really make an awfull lot of sense
I had the same problem myself and I service them for a living !!