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Size amp needed to drive 6 klipsch 8 ohm speakers

I have 12 newly in home installed klipsch speakers in 6 areas ( 2 per). A speaker router chooses what pairs on want to be on. I have a Harman kardon HK 3250 receiver that I found out was 40 watts channel. The speakers are 8 ohm 75 watts cont/ 300 peak rated. I ran the speakers sometimes up to 3 pair at time for a while , now the receiver trips out when trying to increase the volume very much at all. The receiver has a pre out connection.? Can I still use it or is it cooked? And what size amp do I need to drive those speakers ? Should I increase the channel output and get rid of the selector unit?

Re: Size amp needed to drive 6 klipsch 8 ohm speakers

6 speakers, or 6 pairs of speakers.
You should definitely get a 6 pair speaker switch, with built-in amplifier protection.. you would be able to play all 6 pair simultaneously without worry.
It sounds like you must have connected the original setup in parallel, which would have lowered the impedance to an average of 2 ohms. As most people know, there are not many non-commercial amps that can run a load like that for long.
The switching box will take away a touch of sound quality, but will let the amp work safely.
As far as the receiver being 'cooked', only you can tell. try and run a single pair of speakers.
If they play OK, you are probably fine.
If not, you may have blown an internal fuse, or circuit breaker.
But, if you pushed 2 ohms or less at any kind of volume, for any length of time, your receiver is probably in need of repair. Blown outputs, or something of the sort.

Get a switching box and best of luck.

The size of the amp isn't as important as the quality.