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slider conrtol cleaner and lubricant

Hi, i know this has been asked on this forum before but what is a good cleaner/ lubricant for slider controls.A friend of mine has dropped off a realistic sta-65d for me to go over for him it has slider controls for the volum/balance i use caig deoxit in the rest of the pots but before i use it on the slider conrtols i thought i would ask on here what some of you think. Any help would be greatfull, thanks.

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Cleaner & Lube

I use De-Ox-Id by GC Electronics--part #19-1906-A. Works great on my Sansui's switches, pots, contacts, etc. Lasts a while and has no silicone in it. This is the only one I use and I think it is much better than deoxit; use less with better results. GL

slider conrol cleaning

I always take apart slider controls,sticktion always happens when you spray into this units, I clean all slide surfaces with alcohol, so they are free of old lubricant, then I apply a very small amount of a thick silicon lubricant I use for my RC racing car differential. I then clean the carbon tracks with nutrol(using qtips)..been doing this for years...the extra time it takes is worth it.

thanks i'll give it a try

thanks i'll give it a try your right about spraying into them with deoxit they just get stickier