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Sony 90s Mini HiFi Lineup (MHC-xxxx)

Hello guys!
I am truly fascinated by the mini hifi systems made by Sony in the 90s but I am too young to know them properly :D

I am having some issues understanding their naming convention:
from what I understood the first number indicates the "power/prestige" while the second the "generation".

So, in my mind, there was:

- 2600
- 3600
- 5600
- 6600


- 2700
- 3700
- 4700
- 6700
- 7700

But I'm having issues understanding the 3500 and 5500!
The 5500 in particular seems much more advanced then the 5600 (it has digital input, EQ with lots of bands, output not separated by woofer and satellite)

Do any of you guys could help me?
Thanks :)

Re: Sony 90s Mini HiFi Lineup (MHC-xxxx)


I also love the old micro/mini systems as well. I have worked with quite a few of them.

My fav is the Prestigious 1984 ROXY W7 system, and the specs are really great for a mini.

I think you have the model number convention pretty much correct. The first number is supposed to be the feature package, and the second is the generation. I don't think you will ever truly know, as the only people who really understood the names were the ones who dreamed them up! :-p

A little teaching here:

Pretty much every company has that first number and it's always the same for minis...

1 means cheap. (bad)
3 means decent. (good)
5 means middle of the road (very good)
7 means flagship (really good).

With the Kenwood, it was W1, W3, W5, and W7. Sony had more options ranging from 1-7. 1 being super cheap, and 7 being super great.

The second number is sometimes a letter in other manufacturers, like W or X. But in Sony's case, it was a number.

EXAMPLE: The best model from Sony's fifth generation might be a 7500.

As far as the difference between the models of 5500 and 5600 go, that is really quite simple.

Truth is, the 5500 is from 1989 or 1990, and the 5600 is a bit newer, and is nearly identical to the 6600. So even though the x600 series is newer than the x500 series, you can't say that newer was more improved or better. Sony was actually making their products cheaper in price and quality every year. You can tell that when you compare specs.

Every company was like that though. Kenwood's equivalent of the Sony micro series was the Kenwood ROXY. Looked at the system from the next year past my W7, specs were terrible, but Kenwood claimed it was really great.

Hope this helps!

Re: Sony 90s Mini HiFi Lineup (MHC-xxxx)

Hello recaptcha,
definitely helps and makes totally sense :)

Thanks :)