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Sony CDP 307ESD or Sony CDP 507ESD

Througth an unfortunate mishap i lost my Sony CDP 307ESD and am looking to purchase another one i have had this one for 20 years and would like to get another. The reason for this is that i dont know how many other Sony players have the exact same audio charactoristics that no mater how old it was when it played thru my system for me there was nothing like it. Now i am no audio expert so please bear with me. Was there anything that made this player special.If so how many of the other sony players fit into this category i mentioned the 507 in the topic subject above only because the manuel covered both models and so that tells me that they were probably very simaler. So if anyone can help me with a source or model #s of other players that will fit the bill it would be so greatly appreciated.

Sony CDP 307ESD or Sony CDP 507ESD

Sony 307/507ESD has famous multi-bit Philips TDA-1541A DAC chip inside. All novadays CD-players (as NAD C525BEE) usually use poor Delta-Sigma 1-bit DAC chips.

If you want CD-player, which sound is similar to your Sony - try to find second hand player with the same DAC inside.

Sony 507

there's one being sold locally on craigslist (san antonio) for $20. If you want it, let me know, and I'll email the guy. rather1901@sbcglobal.net


Yes definatly THANKS rather1901

The almighty DAC list

Wow what a wealth of info this list along with your comments are truly fantastic thank you so very much your AWSOME. Now i know what to look for. Before this i was shopping online blind the only thing i had to go on was 307and507. If you do read this again the only other question i have now is all the diferent sub classes because i noticed that some of them have diferent tail designations such as TDA1541,TDA1541A,TDA1541A-R1,and so on and so on maybe they have nothing to do with the sound i dont know. And once again Thank you so very much.

added note to above request

I have recently purchased a NAD C 525Bee and it just doese not compare even though i have read some very good reviews on it although ill give it one thing it has bass that the sony did not have in such large quantities although it did seem to have a deeper bass.But maybe that may have been in part to do with my system. So i might as well mention what it consist of 1.Bedini BC-866 preamp 2.A pair of Adcom GFA 565 Monoblocks. And thirdly A set of Polk SRS 1.2 TLs