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Sony CDP-CX200

Hi guys. I have a Sony 200 disc changer that will not work. It seems to get confused and search around for the selected disc and the carousel keeps spinning and searching. I now have the service manual from this site (great site btw) and figure this is an old unit and rather than just throw the changer out I might as well try and fix it on my own though I don't have much electronics repair experience (none really).

Can anybody suggest certain things I should look for? My sense is that there is probably something wrong with the orientation of the carousel or the sensor that knows where on the carousel to stop and chuck the disk. I don't believe there is a problem with any of the circuit boards (I hope because that would be out of league in terms of ability to repair). Any suggestions or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


cdp cx200 owners manual

hey lou, didcha ever find the owners manual, not the service manual?