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Sony CDP-CX355

Hello- New to this forum, but thank you in advance for your time & expertise. I have an old but loved Sony Compact Disc Player CDP-CX355. Someone unfamiliar with operation of the unit tried to use it, and it instantly went from working great to dead in the water, flashing "Table Error" message. I opened the case and found it clean inside but there was a small belt lying on the floor of the box (pardon my lack of proper part names). I re-installed the belt to where it appeared to belong, based on another belt/gear set up directly adjacent to it, but when I plugged the unit in, it threw the belt. I have now downloaded the Service Manual (Thanks for providing this!) and see I have likely put the belt in wrong place, but wondered if there is an easier way to see the blow up or exploded diagram of the assembly, as it's very small and somewhat light on details for someone like me (a pastry baker/chef). Any suggestions? Also, I am in Sanford, Florida near Orlando, where would I get new belts or other parts for this? I probably should just take it in for repairs, but recently I began fixing things myself with the help of internet, and in this bad economy where I am working for pay very infrequently (I'm mainly getting "could you donate your time for our charity/worthy cause? We'll hire you when things pick up...") I need to do this whenever possible. Plus, as you likely know, it feels wonderful when the fix works! Thank you again! Sharon Thompson aka Motherquid