hifi engine


Happy new year for everybody:

I have a very old HIFI system from SONY (25 years old more or less) and I love it because it was a gift from my wife. Unfortunately I have problems with several parts.

a) SEQ-V901 Equalizer doesn't work properly (may be a problem of condensers).
b) CDP-M77 CD-player doesn't work at all (may be a mechanical problem with rubber transmission bands).
c) TA-V901 Amplifier has noise and problems in several inputs. mainly low level of sound (also this can be a problem of condensers).

I will try to repair it by myself because SONY can repair it.

I have the service manual of TA-V901 Amplifier, but I also need SEQ-V901 and CDP-M77 service manuals.

Please, anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Fernando Acero


Thank you very much

Hello sbirov:

Thank you very much sbirov, now I only need the service manual for SEQ-V901 Graphic Equalizer.

I will start changing all electrolytic condensers from CD and then, I will adjust all waveforms with an oscilloscope.

Best regards my friend, now I have a chance of repair it.